Wednesday, August 08, 2007


I feel sorry for the Malaysian government and its people.

Several cases of food poisoning in schools which are involved in the milk programme didn’t make them realize solutions to remedy them. I would like to suggest that instead of giving students milk in the form of liquid, it’s high time for the concerned ministry to provide them in the form of tablets. Problems of bacteria contamination won’t be an issue then.

Perhaps there are also cases whereby these students are lactose intolerant or dislike milk. Alternative solutions have to be considered.

I came across in the internet, guidelines made by Minnesota Department of Education in January 2007 in the United States under the subject Clarification on the Use of Milk and Juice in the National School Lunch Program.

The following alternatives were suggested for students having lactose intolerant or dislike milk.

a. Lactose reduced milk, or
b. Milk fortified with lactase in liquid, tablet, granular, or other
c. Milk to which lactobacillus acidophilus has been added.

In addition fruit or vegetable juice can also be provided to students under certain condition .

Parents are also requested to fill in a form ‘DIET STATEMENT’ to clarify their childrens diet restrictions and allergies if any.

I hope the ministry concern will take the appropriate measures to ensure their professionalism will not be jeopardized in handling issues pertaining to the well being of our beloved generations.

Surely there is a need for a change in the milk programme which was introduced nationwide in 1983.


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